October 2019

Strangling Innovation

Not even the best innovation team can escape bad systems. Without looking at your systems, innovation might just get suffocated. Halloween is full of frightful costumes, decorations, and performances but few things are more terrifying for innovators than systems that strangle our best efforts. What’s even scarier is that these systems might be living among …

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A Changing Future for Education and Learning

As long as there have been people, there’s been education. The goal of learning remains, while the methods are changing. The way education and training is delivered has changed dramatically in the past 20 years moving from mostly face-to-face, classroom-based models to ones that might include an online component or be digital altogether. Some new …

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Evolutionary Innovation: How We Transform

Innovation is often portrayed as dramatic, disruptive processes and outcomes. That perception might be keeping us from making real transformations. We need to talk about innovation differently if we want to make it accessible, practical, achievable, and transformative. Much of the current discourse is not helping us get there. Innovation’s PR issue Innovation is a …

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