September 2019

What Does Developmental Evaluation Look Like?

Developmental Evaluation is all about using data to support innovation. How does this look in practice (and how’s it done?) Developmental Evaluation (DE) is all about supporting and developing innovation. It provides some of the raw feedback materials and a process to help innovators make decisions about what they are creating, adapting to changing conditions, …

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Knowing Your Impact

Evaluation tells your innovation’s impact story to the wider world. Learn more about what you do by learning about evaluation. Changing something requires evidence, otherwise change doesn’t exist. We only know something has changed — grown, shrunk, transformed, moved — through study (seeing before, after, and what happens in between). Evaluation is what tells that …

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Tooling Up for Systemic Design & Learning

Innovation work requires a mindset, a skillset, and a toolset. The key is finding the right tools for the job. Building anything — a new product, process, policy — requires tools (even if that is just your hands). Today we expand our profile some tools introduced in the last issue of the Censemaking Innovation Newsletter …

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Actions and the Language of Change

Actions speak the language of change by making it visible. Talking about change shapes our actions, so let’s talk carefully. Change, real change of substance, is considerably difficult to orchestrate. Even in the presence of threats, opportunities, internal drive, and lack of alternate options, change is difficult to encourage, stimulate, motivate, and sustain in individuals, …

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Innovation Psychology

Highlights on innovation psychology inspired by the Censemaking Newsletter. Today we dive a little further into some of the headlines from our latest newsletter, recapping some stories on the psychology of innovation that might be of interest to you. Change Your Mind, Change your Behaviour McKinsey & Co recently published a new report on the role of …

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