Cense Ltd.

Censemaking is an initiative of Cense Ltd. which supports leaders in business, non-profits and the public-sector to innovate and learn. Cense’s aim is to help leaders and change-makers make things better by making better things.

Cense focuses on nurturing the knowledge, skill sets, tool sets, and mind sets required to create change in human systems — from individual growth through teams, organizations, communities, and networks.

We do this through the Censemaking website and three newsletters:

  1. Censemaking Innovation Newsletter: The latest on innovation, behavioural science, systems thinking and design.
  2. The Design Loft: A design-focused newsletter that aims to elevate your impact by design
  3. The Innovator’s Dilemmas: A reflective practice newsletter from our Principal focused on the change-maker themselves.

For more information contact Cense at:

info @ cense.ca

or visit us at www.cense.ca

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Censemaking: The Innovation Newsletter

The Design Loft

The Innovator’s Dilemmas

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