Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fashionably Thinking About Systems and Consumption

In April 2013 the world was horrified to learn that more than one thousand people were killed in a Bangladeshi factory used to make largely low-priced clothes for Western fashion houses. As the stories of sadness, loss and survival emerged from that rubble so too did cries of indignation and disgust from human rights groups, […]

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A toolkit for toolsets, skillsets and a mindset

For the last few years Censemaking has been a forum for exploring ideas around complexity, systems, design and social innovation. It has been a space for ideas and considering some of social and evaluative ramifications of complexity as it plays out in human systems. This long-form blog has allowed for in-depth reflection on the issues […]

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Design (re)Thinking Health Systems

How might we design health systems to promote health and wellbeing and not just treat illness and disease and manage infirmary and chronic conditions? What if health systems were about health? If we were to apply design thinking to health systems, what might be do? In a previous post, I suggested that knowledge translation is […]

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