A toolkit for toolsets, skillsets and a mindset


For the last few years Censemaking has been a forum for exploring ideas around complexity, systems, design and social innovation. It has been a space for ideas and considering some of social and evaluative ramifications of complexity as it plays out in human systems.

This long-form blog has allowed for in-depth reflection on the issues that influence innovation and health in human systems.

Today I am launching a sister blog at Cense Ltd. dedicated to exploring the methods and tools that can help us understand how to impact these systems. This new blog will feature short-form, practice-oriented articles that are aimed at building or augmenting the toolkit of the innovation practitioner.

Censemaking will continue to explore issues in depth and will occasionally refer readers to the Cense toolkit blog as a means of building the mindset, skillset and toolset of those readers interested in navigating complexity and designing innovation. The focus will be on systems science methods, design and design thinking tools, strategy, behavioural and applied social science techniques, and program evaluation.

I look forward to engaging readers through both venues and learning from you and with you.

Thanks for reading.

Photo Toolkit by Nick Farnhill used under Creative Commons Licence from Flickr.

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