February 2021

Taking Ideas Into Sustainable Innovation

One bright idea is pretty but a collection of ideas put into practice over time, sustainably, is beautiful (and real innovation). Sustainable innovation — a process, practice, and culture of design-driven creativity — might be the most valuable outcome for any organization. Real, sustained innovation is not about creating a single item — product, service, policy …

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The Sense-making Winter

Winter provides a literal and metaphorical season ripe for sense-making if the other seasons are different Winter creates a natural opportunity to reflect. The cold weather, darkness, and general lack of ability to grow crops has meant that people traditionally spent this season telling stories and making sense of the world as they awaited the …

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Design Thinking, Futures & Evaluation

The time to bring together three fields of practice focused on shaping the future with evidence and imagination is here. Design thinking is about problem-finding, solution-seeking, and creating the things — programs, products, services, and policies — that contribute to the solution. Futures and Strategic Foresight are about examining trends and patterns in a context …

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A Better Next

Beforetimes were different than now and what’s next will be different, too. The difference is that one we can design for. The carefree days of standing out in public admiring the possibilities is what attracted me to this picture. There’s no digital things, the man is dressed up, there are flowers, yet he’s also mostly …

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