January 2021

Listening Matters

Shared events do not always yield common experiences or perceptions: our design research must keep that in mind. Prior to the global pandemic of 2020 design philosophies tended to view research as ’rounding out’ or ‘filling the gaps’ in our knowledge about someone or something. Designers would assume they had a good read on what …

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A Conspiracy Theory

Looking at the extremes in others’ beliefs and habits can help illuminate how we come to believe and act, too. If you’re worried about conspiracy theories there are three things we can do to make them less potent if we are willing to listen to those who espouse them. Community (and connection, self-determination, and game-play …

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Monitoring, Principles and Impotent Strategy

Without connecting monitoring of our programs with our principles and strategy, we are simply creating impotency in our organizations. The events of January 6th, 2021 at the United States Capitol were appalling to anyone who cares about that republic, democracy, and decency. While a mob incited by the sitting president stormed the building and forced …

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