Daily Archives: June 1, 2011

Spacing: The Final Frontier (A Test)

Sorry to all of those Star Trek fans out there who were expecting something very Spockian here. I am testing out some issues with the blog and its spacing qualities. But if you are looking for Spock, you can find him here haunting George Lucas. Or if you are looking for a great read on […]

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Trying to Innovate? Try Empathy

Find and build a tribe of people who you trust and like and spend time with them, get to know them, and invite new people in whenever possible to mix things up. If that is the case, then the way we work in the health and wellness sector is surely in trouble where we don’t curate information and customize our knowledge for others, and we don’t support the kind of relationship building that equates to robust knowledge translation.

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43 Steps to a Well-Prepared Design Strategist (via the design strategist)

I stumbled upon this list of “to-dos” and related resources aimed at preparing someone to serve as a design strategist. What I like about the post is the list of resources linked and embedded within. It’s not designed (no pun intended) to be prescriptive, but as a series of things to ponder as one moves […]

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