43 Steps to a Well-Prepared Design Strategist (via the design strategist)

I stumbled upon this list of “to-dos” and related resources aimed at preparing someone to serve as a design strategist. What I like about the post is the list of resources linked and embedded within. It’s not designed (no pun intended) to be prescriptive, but as a series of things to ponder as one moves into the field. Having engaged in this before, I wished I’d considered a few of these before starting out.

I came across this post thanks to the Design Thinkers group on LinkedIn, which has shown itself to be quite active and engaged.

43 Steps to a Well-Prepared Design Strategist You’re asked to serve as a design strategist in an innovation initiative at a large corporation. They’ve asked you to come in on Monday for a get-to-know-you session and an ideation over lunch. Are you ready? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you prepare for this new opportunity to let your design strategy talents shine. Here, as well, are some suggestions to help keep your saw sharp and your thinking sharper. Not in any order – skim the … Read More

via the design strategist

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