October 2010

Social Media Street Cred

As social media folk, we might want to turn some of the marketing strategies we employ with others on to ourselves to see how we might better inform the public about the possibilities of social media and what kind of talk that they need to see walked before enlisting that next social media “expert”.

The Complexity and Peril of Either/Or Thinking in Systems and Social Media

Malcolm Gladwell recently authored an article for the New Yorker that has been widely circulated and debated within the social media world. The piece, entitled Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted, takes the stance that Twitter and other social media tools are not much better at facilitating social change than the coffee …

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Developmental Evaluation And Accountability

Today I’ll be wrapping up a two-day kick off to an initiative aimed at building a community of practice around Developmental Evaluation (PDF), working closely with DE leader and chief proponent, Michael Quinn Patton. The initiative, founded by the Social Innovation Generation group, is designed in part to bring a cohort of learners (or fellows? …

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