Seth Godin

Taking Ideas Into Sustainable Innovation

One bright idea is pretty but a collection of ideas put into practice over time, sustainably, is beautiful (and real innovation). Sustainable innovation — a process, practice, and culture of design-driven creativity — might be the most valuable outcome for any organization. Real, sustained innovation is not about creating a single item — product, service, policy …

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The Lonely Innovator

Pushing change is not for the faint of heart or head. Loneliness is one of side effects that innovators must consider. A wise man once told me: No one welcomes change except wet babies Whether it’s through some form of behavioural intervention, using evaluation data to point out strengths and weaknesses in a program, or …

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No Contest: The Cost of Crowd-based Social Innovation

Contests are seen by many in the social sector as a way to engage audiences and generate new thinking about important issues, yet in generating all of these contributions from the crowd are we undermining the very aims of work in social innovation when the fruits of these ideas largely remain to rot on the …

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The Complex Consequences of Simple and Easy

For any marketing of complexity to work, the risk in creating a false guru is high, but so too is the risk of installing overly simplistic filters. In both cases we need to address complexity with a complex response and doing so with one that doesn’t exacerbate the problem by adding too much extraneous information to our media ecology, getting us back into trouble elsewhere.

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