What happened to the 30-day challenge?

Some readers might be wondering what happened to the 30-day challenge with the CENSEmaking blog. After a run of a more than 7 posts in one week I realized that I was effectively creating a firehose of content for people who were accustomed to drinking from a water fountain, so I decided to take a respite and cool things down a little.

Thanks to those who read and comment on my blog. I hope to continue to provide something of value to you and over the next few months you’ll start to see some new things coming online as I start exploring some issues in depth, dive a little deeper into the evidence and share more of what I’ve learned about complexity, eHealth, networks, systems thinking, and evaluation (and design) as my professional and scholarly work moves even deeper into all of it.

Cameron D. Norman

I am a designer, psychologist, educator, evaluator, and strategist focused on innovation in human systems. I'm curious about the world around me and use my role as Principal and President of Cense Ltd. as a means of channeling that curiosity into ideas, questions, and projects that contribute to a better world.

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  • June 21, 2011 at 3:00 am

    Thanks for your nice efforts.

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