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The Future of Electronic Communication is also the Past

The future of electronic communications may very well be tied to tools that enable adaptation and best share our narrative fragments, which is strangely the way we used to communicate.

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Ushering In a New Phase of Social Networks

Social media and social networks were big in 2009, however they will not live up to their fullest potential until they enable us to share and convey emotion better. Video, may be an answer.

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Amazing Stuff: December 14th Edition

Looking for awesome things, the latest in zombie attack science, solving the food shortage using Twitter, drinking tap water instead of bottles, or how little art pictures can help stimuate new thinking? Then this issue of Amazing Stuff has something for you.

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Complex Change and Energy

Change requires energy and complex change requires a lot of energy. This is why balancing energy is so critical and why exhausted tired organizations so often reach for the simple and wrong solutions to complex problems.

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Complexity and the Information Landscape

How to make sense of information in a complex learning environment and why is it important? If we think about climate change, pandemic flu and other serious issues, we may come to the conclusion that this is among the most important topics we can devote time to.

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Blogs and Twitter vs. Facebook: What’s going on?

I’m noticing that Facebook is getting far less traffic amongst my ‘friend’ group than usual, but that Twitter seems to be revving up more and so is traffic in the blogosphere. I’d like to know if this is just me or is this a trend that other social media users are noticing.

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Amazing Stuff: The Film and Video Edition

Social and video media are the topic of this week’s Amazing Stuff: from social policy to documentaries, I highlight video sharing and creating sites that inspired me over the past week.

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