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Complexity, Innovation and Fear

Complexity can induce fear and fear is a big reason why people don’t innovate. There are reasons for this, but also solutions. This post explores some of them.

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The Genius of Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a genius and deserves some consideration if you’re interested in changing the world and, just as important, changing yourself in the process. If you don’t know who he is, read on.

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Taking in Less to Take in More (Information)

The benefits of taking a break from social media and the steady stream of information include improved focus and better memory; maybe we should be doing this more often.

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The Future of Social Media: Chaos / Coherence?

Some say we have too much information, while I say: we haven’t seen anything yet. What happens when the remaining 70% of those not using social media get engaged and what does that mean for sense-making?

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Amazing Stuff: The Inspirational Sound and Vision Edition

Inspiration sometimes finds itself wrapped in a delightful blend of sound and visuals. This Amazing Stuff edition is dedicated to five (plus one) music+videos that might provide a little lift in these dark January months in the North.

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Libraries, Literacy and the Learning Imperative

Libraries have an opportunity to advance literacy now as much as ever, but as some argue, the time has come to expand that mandate to helping people take the intellectual initiative.

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Feeding the Right Beast: A Healthy Information Diet?

Many are focusing on food and health this January, but what about our information diets and cognitive health? The possible cost of consuming the wrong things and the need for mindful approaches to information are discussed.

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The Fallacy of New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t work and can sometimes make things worse. Maybe the problem is less about us and the entire thought process that informs why we plan change in such linear ways to begin with.

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