Using The Concept of Attractors To Facilitate Change

Attractors might be the most useful concept within complexity science for understanding practical change-making. By looking at how an attractor works we can better facilitate action and design more practical strategies in complex situations. We hear much about the concept of complexity when speaking about social systems. Complexity simply refers to a set of multiple, …

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First Mover Effects

People remember the first, not always the best. This was sage wisdom that my doctoral advisor shared when speaking about not waiting to share your ideas. This advice reflects much of what we know about human psychology — for good and otherwise. What are your earliest fears from the COVID-19 pandemic? Did you spend a …

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Tricks with Tips

The proliferation of ‘tips and tricks’ for boosting change-making and innovation efforts obscures the craft and commitment that transformation requires. Visit sites like Medium, search YouTube, or scroll through your Twitter feed and you’ll find endless sources of tips and tricks to innovate, transform, or learn. Tips and tricks work for formatting files with software. …

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When Strategy Solutions Are Hidden in Plain Sight

The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects provide a perfect example of similarity and difference in strategy, outcome, and impact. Are you tired yet? If you’re reading this in 2022, the answer is probably: “yes.” COVID-19 has tested humanity’s collective ability to adapt and strategize collectively. The Omicron variant that spread across the globe at the …

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