path dependence

First Mover Effects

People remember the first, not always the best. This was sage wisdom that my doctoral advisor shared when speaking about not waiting to share your ideas. This advice reflects much of what we know about human psychology — for good and otherwise. What are your earliest fears from the COVID-19 pandemic? Did you spend a …

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Design For Humans’ History

Only by understanding our past can we properly design for a future that’s different from it. When we think about the past there’s a tendency toward thinking about things that are often unpleasant, even old-fashioned. Future-thinking is exciting, filled with possibility, and is characterized more by optimism, technology, and ‘shiny things’ at its most cartoonish. …

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Jaded: Whether You Are a Plant or a Stone Makes All the Difference

An attempt to innovate – do something new to produce value — is always fraught with risk and a high likelihood that things won’t go as planned, which can leave people jaded toward future efforts. Whether that metaphor of jade is one of a rock (static) or a plant (growth) makes all the difference.  Innovation is hot. …

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A Beautiful Idea

Is what you do, where you work, or how you organize, beautiful? Among the many words used to describe our work lives the most neglected and maybe necessary might be described that one word: it’s time to take it seriously.  For those working in design one of the biggest challenges is getting people to understand that …

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