Attack on Anti-vac – Toronto Public Health vs. Jenny McCarthy

Yesterday I posted on the story of Toronto Public Health tweeting a call for its followers to voice concerns to the TV show “The View” about the recent hiring of Jenny McCarthy, a prominent anti-vaccination advocate, as its new co-host. Today, Nicole Ghanie-Opondo reflects more deeply on what kind of impact such tweeting really has and the role of public health in voicing its concerns from that of an insider. What should we expect from these Tweets? What really drives change? Why is there resistance to engaging the public and how can we professionally do so in the complicated, messy work that comes with social media engagement? Huge questions to ask and the fact that people like Nicole and her blog collaborator Corey are doing it speaks to how much change potential we can expect. One of the best blog reads you’ll find on this topic.

1 thought on “Attack on Anti-vac – Toronto Public Health vs. Jenny McCarthy”

  1. Nicole Ghanie-Opondo

    Thanks Cameron! My favourite insight so far on the post is yours: “One of the spaces that professionals might want to consider is to step back and ask themselves what it is that keeps those seemingly immune (no pun intended) to evidence so passionate about their position?” right on the money – health communicators + yelling = more tuning out of the core issues in health promotion. Cheers!

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