Systems thinking and the simple plan

  Planning is something that is done all the time, but the shape in which these plans unfold is often complex in hidden ways. Without the same resources to evaluate those plans (and make different ones should they change) many organizations are left with great expectations that don’t match the reality of what they do (and can […]

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A Flood of Complexity

Yesterday Toronto was hit with a massive rainstorm that dumped more than 120mm of rain on parts of the city within the span of five hours knocking out power to more than 300,000 people, stranding thousands more, and even prompting a rescue of hundreds trapped on a commuter train out of the city by the […]

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Amazing Stuff

What does microphotography, walking to school, leadership, social health care and the real value of locavores on the environment and economy have in common? Not much, but they were among the top 5 most interesting things I read this week.

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The Launch of Amazing Stuff

There are lots of amazing ideas on the Internet. Here are five that I found particularly interesting this week.

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Cohesion vs. Diversity

Systems function well at the ‘edge of chaos’. In social systems that means balancing diversity with cohesion, but there are aspects to both that are troubling and may be highly incompatible. Can we have both or do we have to sacrifice one for the other?

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