A Better Next

Beforetimes were different than now and what’s next will be different, too. The difference is that one we can design for. The carefree days of standing out in public admiring the possibilities is what attracted me to this picture. There’s no digital things, the man is dressed up, there are flowers, yet he’s also mostly …

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Design Thinking’s Triple-B Future

Design Thinking is not only a means to innovate, but as a means to heal and grow. After a year that by most people’s standards was ugly beyond any others in recent memory, our need for beauty, sustainable and responsible businesses, supportive communities, and viable, service-forward industries needs this.

Conferencing the Pandemic, Part 3: Content

A great conference isn’t much without content, presenting challenges and opportunities for online learners. In previous posts, I highlighted some of the lessons learned from four conferences I attended within weeks of one another in October, 2020 providing a unique opportunity to compare and contrast different models, modalities and approaches to learning, networking, and collaboration. …

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Conferencing the Pandemic 1: Setting the Stage

Professional conferences have a new look, feel, and effect during a pandemic providing many learning lessons. The global pandemic has disrupted many industries and professional conferences and the training, network development, and knowledge sharing that they offer is no exception. For many professional organizations conference and continuing education training are at the centre of their …

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