Innovation: The Art and Science of Change Series

Innovation can be quite the buzzword — but what does it actually mean in practice?

What knowledge, skills and tools do we need to actually DO innovation?

I get asked that a lot and when the world seems to be transforming before us more people are asking: how do we shape some of these forces to benefit us, our organizations, and communities instead of allowing the winds of change to dictate our direction?

Join me as I aim to demystify the concept of innovation and look at how change happens and how to make it so on Thursday, October 22nd at 1100 EDT for a conversation about change, by design. There is an art and science to change and it can be learned.

Registration details are below (just click the link – it’s free, but registration is required).

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Innovation: The Art and Science of Change Series”

  1. I could not join this meerup session on the art and science of change. Where svould I have joined ??

    1. Hi Ronny,

      Sorry you couldn’t join in. There is a registration link through Eventbrite. I will double-check that and make sure it’s not an issue for the next one. Thanks for your interest. I’ll be posting more events on this page.

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