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G20 and Social Media Anarchy

Social media has captured the violence associated with the G20 protests well, but in the process managed to take citizens’ responsibility out of the picture in the process of getting a picture.

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The iPad and True Social Computing

The iPad may be the first truly social computer. In this post I explain why.

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Knowledge Translation & the Systems Problem

Knowledge translation is a field with lots of great ideas about how to get messages out, but until the issue of the system in which that KT takes place is addressed, it might not matter.

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Personal and Social Wellbeing Meets Time Crunch

A new report out on the wellbeing of Canadians paints a picture of a country harried, stressed and unhealthy. The thinking that got us here won’t help make it better, but systems thinking might.

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Is Public Health Modeling Good Behaviour?

Public health professionals know that stress kills, yet it may be killing us. Are we modeling good behaviour for the public or simply serving as an example of what not to do?

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Mobile Health Promotion and Web 3.0

Mobile technologies are making huge in-roads in advancing health promotion. Some examples are provided and speculation of whether we are at the dawn of a Web 3.0 era.

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Leadership Systems

Leadership can change the world. Psychologist Robert Sternberg has proposed a model that guides us on how to create the conditions for those who choose to lead to do so in a manner that serves humanity, rather than contributes to its downfall.

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