June 2021

Design for Human Spaces

Our environment shapes our individual and collective behaviour so designing how it functions matters a lot. Behavioural science has a fascination with who human beings are. Our environment is what surrounds us, yet there is relatively little comparative attention to the specific role that our environment plays in shaping our behaviour. If we are to …

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Design For Humans’ History

Only by understanding our past can we properly design for a future that’s different from it. When we think about the past there’s a tendency toward thinking about things that are often unpleasant, even old-fashioned. Future-thinking is exciting, filled with possibility, and is characterized more by optimism, technology, and ‘shiny things’ at its most cartoonish. …

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Design for Human Living

Our designs put too much focus on our intentions and desires and to the neglect our realities and tendencies. Design is a positive field of practice. At it’s core, design is about making things and transforming our futures. Designers tend to be optimistic and energetic individuals, which is what allows them to inspire new thinking …

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