Reflections on Research on Learning: Savannah College of Art and Design (via Creativity & Innovation)

Keith Sawyer, an interesting scholar who’s work jibes well with mine (complexity, creativity, design, psychology, and education) posted on his blog some reflections on his recently completed sabbatical at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The post is full of things that, even 10 years ago, you would have never seen in one place: educational theory, design, creativity, management, strategy and MBA to mention a few.

It is inspiring to read how others have been able to traverse the boundaries of discipline, method and learning in a way that is innovative, coherent, and rigorous.

I've just completed a six-month sabbatical (Jan-Jun 2010); I was in residence as a Visiting Professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, usually known by its acronym "SCAD". I stayed busy! I taught a couple of classes in a new creative MBA program (that's actually an MFA) called "design management," with the titles "facilitating creative thinking" and "managing the innovation process." I worked on a campus-wide strategic initiative called … Read More

via Creativity & Innovation

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