Where Censemaking’s Amazing Stuff Went

Yesterday was Canada Day and on Sunday, the United States celebrates its birthday too. Soon Censemaking will be turning 1. Thanks to all of the readers and viewers from around the world and those who have shared their insights and comments over the past year. Blogging — and connecting to others through it — has been a great way to share ideas, solicit ideas, and create new knowledge and solve the odd problem here and there.

At the start of this blog I featured a segment called “Amazing Stuff” that was to chronicle the interesting things that came across my e-desk each week. The problem with this idea was that these things were sometimes interesting and not amazing, amazing and not always relevant, and often defied categorization. As such, I discontinued the segment. Yet, interesting things kept coming and I’ve been wondering how to share them as I’ve benefitted so much from others sharing things with me.

At the same time, I’ve also become interested in chronicling the social media landscape and life of someone doing sense-making work in eHealth, complexity science, evaluation, and health promotion in other ways that a long-form blog doesn’t quite fit. So to address all of this, I’ve been posting a second blog that has a lot more frequent updates, shorter commentaries (sometimes none), and is a little more personal and off-the cuff. If you’re interested in this kind of reportage, I’d welcome you to read my other blog on Posterous.com .

As always, I will continue to tweet about these ideas @cdnorman .

Happy Canada Day, 4th of July or start of July to readers one and all. Thanks for helping me make sense of the world and for allowing me to share my thoughts on making sense with you over this past year.


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