Amazing Stuff: November 22 Edition

This week’s amazing stuff features photos, videos, participatory design, tweet tools, mindblowing statistics and more. I hope you find something amazing in all of this and feel free to share your amazing stuff with me via the comments page.

1. Five mindblowing stats you should know. Seeing a post like that makes me curious. Tony Tjan makes us aware of the utterly phenomenal growth of the Internet and social media and considers the way that it is impacting upon business and society by looking at five remarkable statistics.

2. Imagine open-source, open-access public service design. Can’t do it? Or want to see what that might look like? Visit the Participle group and watch how citizen engagement and design thinking can combine to create some remarkable new insights on how our public services can be structured in a sustainable and responsive manner.

3. “Jaw-dropping” was the descriptor given to this TED talk by Pranav Mistry from the MIT Media Lab as he shows how the world of data and the physical world can interact. It has to be seen to believed, but I think you’ll agree with the reviewers’ comments once you’ve finished watching it.

4. From ideas to products. This week I discovered Brizzly, another of the many Twitter and Facebook management tools out there. But unlike most, this web-based tool allows you to mute people on Twitter (think of those well-meaning, but often more annoying tweeters who tweet everything from the conferences they attend) and see what trending topics actually mean!

5. Lastly, I had the chance to take in a wonderful photo exhibit in Toronto at the Hotshot Gallery and Espresso bar in Kensington by up-and-coming photographer (and public health gambling researcher) Jennifer Reynolds. The show, which covers the world of travel, is on for a couple more days and if you’re in the neighbourhood check it out. In the meantime, you can get a taste for Jen’s eye for texture and shape at her website.

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