Merry Christmas 2011

Light Up This Holiday Season

As we begin to say goodbye to 2011 and hello to the holidays that greet the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, I am writing to wish all my visitors and reader the warmest wishes for health, happiness, creativity, joy and love in these times. 

Christmas has been a special time for most of my life. In my family, the creative spirit is expressed most at the holidays with decorations, food, and the giving of gifts and time to each other and themselves. We read, watch movies, sleep, and care for ourselves and each other in ways that sometimes get a little neglected the rest of the year.  It’s the kind of spirit that, like many of the holiday songs suggest, really should be with us all year long. It’s also a time of gratitude for the things we have, a time of memoriam for those we lost or neglected, but mostly about the joy of coming together and giving of ourselves.

CENSEMaking has been a wonderful forum for expression, exploration of ideas, and a space to share reflections on what I see as the intersection of systems thinking, design, health and the ways we learn through engaging with it all. Thanks to all who’ve share their thoughts on the posts and added to them. It’s inspiring to consider how powerful the Internet is a force for sharing ideas, learning from each other, and meeting new people and I learned that more than ever this year.

For those of you celebrating Christmas, may it be merry.

For my friends of the Jewish faith, may your Hanukah celebrations continue with joy and light.

For those who are not of any particular faith tradition, may you find much in life to celebrate just because we don’t need a holiday to make our world bright.

In the bigger system of interactions, these small acts of kindness and good intention can make a substantial impact.

Complexity science shows us how small things working in consort can produce large effects.

Design offers us the means to channel these good acts and intentions into something positive.

And the act of creation is a sign of health.

How we make sense of it all is what brings us to life.

The warmest wishes of the season to all of you. — Cameron

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