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I’m re-blogging a thread from Keith Sawyer’s Creativity and Innovation blog today. Keith is in Davos as a guest faculty at the World Economic Forum and wrote today about the idea of designing an experience and the role of curation in all of that. There are some very interesting thoughts here about how we create an experience and the need to consider many of the ways in which that experience is gleaned through the role of design.

Davos Day 3 I used to think that a curator was someone who managed the galleries at an art museum. Of course, that's true, but I've come to realize that at a deeper level, a curator is a designer of experiences. I first awoke to this deeper meaning when I was invited to speak in Amsterdam by De Appel arts organization, as part of their "The Old Brand New" speaker series in 2009. They talked about "curating" the speaker series, and I loved this wa … Read More

via Creativity & Innovation

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