The CENSEmaking blog is on vacation for the next few days as I take in a five-day course on contemplative practice and curriculum put on by the interesting folks at the Centre for Contemplative Mind in Society. Beginning tonight, I’ll be learning more about the ways in which contemplation can be better incorporated into coursework and learning through a variety of means. Mindful approaches to understanding complex systems is one of the best strategies out there and this will help me understand how best to fully engage my classes, research teams and colleagues using methods drawn from contemplative inquiry. Watch this space for some reflections emerging on this over the coming weeks, but not before taking a few days to absorb and learn offline.

Posted by Cameron D. Norman

I am a designer, psychologist, educator, and strategist focused on innovation in human systems. I'm curious about the world around me and use my role as Principal and President of Cense Ltd. as a means of channeling that curiosity into ideas, questions, and projects that contribute to a better world.

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