Empathy: The Ultimate Design + Systems Challenge

Empathy is a central feature of good human-centred design, yet is often practiced narrowly. Visualization with systems thinking and mindfulness

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The Science of Design Thinking

Andrea Yip, a designer and health promoter, provides a bridge between the worlds of science, with its emphasis on evidence and strict adherence to protocols, and design, with its flexible, rapidly evolving, yet often non-specific methods. Indeed, Andrea’s blog showcases many examples of how design and fields like health promotion fit together and differ. It is time for both designers and scientists to listen more intently to this conversation.

By using methods, theories, analogies and conceptual models that extend our thinking beyond the realm of conventional design and science, we offer opportunities to make things, better — and in doing so shape our world for the greatest benefit for us all.

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Amazing Stuff: November 6th Edition

From H1N1 apps for the iPhone, seeing the beauty of islands from space, the carbon footprint of pets, exploring innovation online, and visualizing the world around us using computer-assisted tools, the first week of November has offered a lot of amazing things.

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