Defining the New Designer

It’s been suggested that anyone who shapes the world intentionally is a designer, however those who train and practice as professional designers question whether such definition obscures the skill, craft, and ethics that come from formal disciplinary affiliation. Further complicating things is the notion that design thinking can be taught and that the practice of […]

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Science of Team Science

The Science of Team Science conference in Chicago is on bringing new knowledge and new questions about how researchers can work together to address some of the wicked problems faced by society today.

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Education for Innovation

Are we treating all innovation as the same in the way we train people? Perhaps, and the consequences are that places like Canada could be falling behind.

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Scientific Discovery, Innovation, Creativity and How We’re Killing It

The structure of research funding and lack of support for young scientists is killing off opportunities to attract the best and brightest into the field and promote innovation. The reasons innovation is in trouble and science is becoming a hazardous career choice is explored.

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