Avoiding the Technology Trap with Innovation

Nicholas Thompson’s regular posts on The Most Interesting Thing in Tech are informative, timely and enjoyable. However, sometimes the most interesting thing isn’t the tech, but the humans around it. Generative AI is everywhere and has an enormous impact on the arts. Recently, Canadian electronic superstar artist Grimes announced that she is willing to work …

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Innovation With Visualization: Seeing Things Differently

Value can be created by building on other products or services. Radio Garden is drawing on other systems to pull together radio stations and providing the same content that can be found elsewhere, but it’s organizing it.
Providing alternative perspectives is value in itself. JimJamPro’s 3-D photo maps technically don’t show anything that isn’t in Google Maps, yet they provide a wholesale different perspective on all of that content, adding considerable contextual value.
Visualizing relationships is systems innovation. Visualizing a system of relationships — a radio station within a country, an apartment block within a neighbourhood — provides insight into a system, not just a product.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (and Other Evaluation Lessons)

The recent decision by many radio stations to remove the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from their rotation this holiday season provides lessons on culture, time, perspective, and ethics beyond the musical score for those interested in evaluation. The implications of these lessons extend far beyond any wintery musical playlist.  As the holiday season approaches, …

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