Reflecting on Gratitude and Going Beyond Thanksgiving

Today is the day that Americans come together to celebrate Thanksgiving, a day dedicated to gratitude (in Canada, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, to traditionally align with the harvest). What a wonderful holiday concept: spending time focused on gratitude for what one has. There are many good reasons for giving thanks. Psychologist Robert Emmons and […]

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Designing a Social Innovation Wonderwall

Paying attention to the social, technological, economic and environmental stresses and challenges we face isn’t always conducive to positive thinking and sometimes its useful to look at where problems are being addressed rather than created. Where to go for such inspiration is question is where this post begins.  And all the roads that lead you […]

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The Genius of Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a genius and deserves some consideration if you’re interested in changing the world and, just as important, changing yourself in the process. If you don’t know who he is, read on.

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Amazing Stuff: The Inspirational Sound and Vision Edition

Inspiration sometimes finds itself wrapped in a delightful blend of sound and visuals. This Amazing Stuff edition is dedicated to five (plus one) music+videos that might provide a little lift in these dark January months in the North.

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Complex Change and Energy

Change requires energy and complex change requires a lot of energy. This is why balancing energy is so critical and why exhausted tired organizations so often reach for the simple and wrong solutions to complex problems.

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