Design and Health Promotion

Complex problems like chronic disease, health inequity, access to health care, civic engagement, global migration, and food security are ones that require a diverse set of perspectives, abductive (design) thinking, systems perspectives and ways to bring them all together. Design is a way to do that. Health promotion, rather than health care is the focus that will get us from treating problems to developing solutions.

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Amazing Stuff: November 14th Edition

What we eat, how we produce the food we eat, whether our healthcare is environmentally sustainable, and how mobile technologies can help connect teens to health and filmmakers to audiences is all part of this week’s edition of Amazing Stuff.

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The Food Bank Model of Education and the Tyranny of Resiliency

Resiliency enables us to bounce back from adversity, but like an elastic band too much stretching can lead to breakdown. Food banks, once a stop-gap for food security are now a model for education. Are we stretching a little too far?

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