A Flood of Complexity

Yesterday Toronto was hit with a massive rainstorm that dumped more than 120mm of rain on parts of the city within the span of five hours knocking out power to more than 300,000 people, stranding thousands more, and even prompting a rescue of hundreds trapped on a commuter train out of the city by the […]

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Complexity and the Senseless Marketing of the Future

Futurists take what we know now and project into the future ideas about things will be like years from today using the models that have worked consistently up to now. Those models applied to human systems are changing quickly making marketing the future based on them senseless and potentially dangerous. Earlier this past week a […]

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The Lies Told By Innovation

If the forest and trees are part of the natural environment, then we need to consider them both at the same time — literally and metaphorically — in the systems we work in and do so with intent (design) otherwise we will continue to perpetuate the lies that innovation allows us to tell ourselves so well.

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Amazing Stuff: December 14th Edition

Looking for awesome things, the latest in zombie attack science, solving the food shortage using Twitter, drinking tap water instead of bottles, or how little art pictures can help stimuate new thinking? Then this issue of Amazing Stuff has something for you.

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Amazing Stuff: November 6th Edition

From H1N1 apps for the iPhone, seeing the beauty of islands from space, the carbon footprint of pets, exploring innovation online, and visualizing the world around us using computer-assisted tools, the first week of November has offered a lot of amazing things.

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Amazing Stuff: Halloween Edition

This week’s Halloween edition of Amazing stuff highlights a short video on complexity science (and organizing a children’s party), an unexpected (and amusing) link between environmental health + pornography, a map of illness, marketing and PR for the masses, and figuring out what meaning really means in the world of design.

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The Launch of Amazing Stuff

There are lots of amazing ideas on the Internet. Here are five that I found particularly interesting this week.

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The limits to individual action

The decision to order a drink is simple — with very complex potential outcomes when you look at the bigger picture

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