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Evaluation and Design: Language for Innovation

Design and evaluation are a two-way street and both fields of practice are wise to learn each others’ language Design is what shapes our products and services and brings them to life. Great design is transformative. Evaluation is the means to understand what is transformed, how it takes place, and what impact that transformation has …

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Rethink Design Thinking

Design thinking might need a re-think as we continue to see it used in ways it probably never should be. The moment you start seeing ‘design thinking and [insert topic]’ events happening across sectors as diverse as corporate strategy, public policy, healthcare, government, non-profit fundraising, and education (to name just a few) you know a …

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Defining the New Designer

It’s been suggested that anyone who shapes the world intentionally is a designer, however those who train and practice as professional designers question whether such definition obscures the skill, craft, and ethics that come from formal disciplinary affiliation. Further complicating things is the notion that design thinking can be taught and that the practice of …

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