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The Bricolage of Innovation And A Kit of Parts

While much is made of purposeful innovation labs and high tech solutions, much innovation happens by cobbling things together on the go and seeing what works. When we’re looking to respond to a changing situation, innovation, and create something new to serve the examples often shared are dissatisfying. That’s how I feel about most case …

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Evaluation and Design: Language for Innovation

Design and evaluation are a two-way street and both fields of practice are wise to learn each others’ language Design is what shapes our products and services and brings them to life. Great design is transformative. Evaluation is the means to understand what is transformed, how it takes place, and what impact that transformation has …

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Knowing Your Impact

Evaluation tells your innovation’s impact story to the wider world. Learn more about what you do by learning about evaluation. Changing something requires evidence, otherwise change doesn’t exist. We only know something has changed — grown, shrunk, transformed, moved — through study (seeing before, after, and what happens in between). Evaluation is what tells that …

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Innovation, Change and The Leopard

Innovation is a misunderstood and often misrepresented concept that can provoke fear, indifference, resentment, confusion, or irrational exuberance. To understand the reasons why we can’t ignore innovation we need to look no further than the sage advice in The Leopard, a story of change. It’s been said that the only true constant is change. Funny …

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