The Food Bank Model of Education and the Tyranny of Resiliency

Resiliency enables us to bounce back from adversity, but like an elastic band too much stretching can lead to breakdown. Food banks, once a stop-gap for food security are now a model for education. Are we stretching a little too far?

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Cohesion vs. Diversity

Systems function well at the ‘edge of chaos’. In social systems that means balancing diversity with cohesion, but there are aspects to both that are troubling and may be highly incompatible. Can we have both or do we have to sacrifice one for the other?

Read More and Community Ownership

Why the case of a simple URL shortener’s demise and resurrection might have consequences for how we understand self-organization and community development

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Wikipedia and the Limits of Co-Creation(?)

Wikipedia contributions are starting to plateau in part because some of the qualities of a healthy, creative system are being eroded by changes in how posts are being edited and controlled.

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