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Censemaking is supported by Cense Ltd. , an innovation consultancy that uses research and design to connect systems thinking and behavioural science together to help human service organizations achieve greater impact.

Cense helps organizations seeking to become more innovative, sustainable and effective at what they do through research and evaluation, design, strategic foresight, and behavioural science using a systems thinking approach. This work is done through four interconnected processes:

  1. Systems thinking: Map the systems of relationships and see the true environment you’re working in;
  2. Discovery: Use data about the system and your program to learn where you’re having impact and gain foresight into where future challenges and opportunities lay;
  3. Inspiring Change: Applying behavioural science and organizational change methods create the strategies, practices, and structures  that allow your organization to act with purpose and execute its mission more effectively;
  4. Innovation: Shape, prototype and implement the right design for the system to achieve the greatest impact and promote resilience through times of rapid change to transform yourself and lead your sector.

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