Welcome to Censemaking: Making Sense of Change

Censemaking is a platform for understanding how to create, manage, and respond to change.

It’s a place where we help make sense of the challenges, opportunities and means of making a mark in a way that’s healthy and sustainable. At Censemaking, we focus on designing for change. We want to help you and your organization to make a difference and channel your intentions into viable actions, services, products and systems. It’s a big space and our focus in on helping you make sense of it all.

I’m Cameron Norman, a designer and psychologist who brings design and behavioural science together to help understand innovation – change by design. I’ve been writing Censemaking since 2008. I’ve taught graduate students and professionals around the world on the art and science of change-making and Censemaking is a space I use to reflect and share what I learn with others.

Cafes have historically been where we paused from life, had conversations, learned from one another, and shared our thoughts. Think of Censemaking as an innovation cafe. At this cafe, we stimulate conversations on things like:

  • Design (The approaches and tools for imagination, thinking, and making things that make a difference)
  • Systems Thinking (The connections and relationships that influence our actions)
  • Strategy (Connecting where we are to where we want to go with the actions to get there)
  • Foresight and Futures Thinking (Envisioning how what’s happening now influences what might happen to shape that future)
  • Behavioural Science (How human beings think, act, and react to their world)
  • Evaluation (Understanding what we do and what impact we make through data and learning)

I aim to help you make sense of change in its many forms and make it possible through design. Thank you for visiting. . — Cameron

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