Making Sense of Change and Innovation

Censemaking is a platform for how to shape the world around us, learning, and growing in ways that are healthy for ourselves, our organizations, and the planet. It’s about two key ideas: change and innovation. Cafes have historically been where we paused from life, had conversations, learned from one another, and shared our thoughts. Think of Censemaking as an innovation cafe.

Change is part of life – some would say it’s the only constant– yet feels more significant, more complicated, and more enormous in scale and scope.

Innovation is often overused and overhyped, yet it represents adapting, surviving, and thriving in times of change. Innovation is change by design.

Censemaking is where we connect innovation and change with design. This means creating things that meet the challenges and situations of today and preparing us for where we go.

Censemaking brings together the following:

  • Design (The approaches and tools for imagination, thinking, and making things that make a difference)
  • Systems Thinking (The connections and relationships that influence our actions)
  • Strategy (Connecting where we are to where we want to go with the actions to get there)
  • Foresight and Futures Thinking (Envisioning how what’s happening now influences what might happen to shape that future)
  • Behavioural Science (How human beings think, act, and react to their world)
  • Evaluation (Understanding what we do and what impact we make through data and learning)

Posts, audio versions, podcasts, and videos, are shared regularly and broadcast through this site using the menus above.

I aim to help you make sense of change in its many forms and make it happen by design. Thank you for reading, listening, sharing, and learning with me. — Cameron

The coffee is on and good ideas are brewing.

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