Systems Thinking and Design: A Case for Egypt?

Politics provides a great analogy for why systems thinking and design fit together and how effective “design” and systems thinking work so closely together. It’s time that our politicians and policy makers start considering the role of design and systems thinking a little more and Egypt provides a great example of what happens when those areas come together.

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Social Insularity and the Not-So-Wide World Web

The Internet holds promise of connecting people together in diverse celebration of knowledge. This dream hasn’t been realized and may not be unless we transform our technological networking tools with our psycho-social tools.

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When Change Potential is Embedded in Bigger Systems

Our ability to change can be tied to the degree of embeddedness we have within larger systems and how tight the fit between the layers or levels are. Barack Obama’s electoral success and governance frustrations are used to illustrate.

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The Launch of Amazing Stuff

There are lots of amazing ideas on the Internet. Here are five that I found particularly interesting this week.

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